Diane Johnson is a Fine Ecological Artist whose roots are firmly planted in the soil of Kent

Diane's Exhibitions

On this page I will give you information about past and present exhibitions.

diane makes senseDiane at the Makes Sense Exhibition2010 - 2011 has been a very productive time. It started in October, when I was offered a solo exhibition (Makes Sense) at the Paynter/Painter gallery in Southport. This was the first time that the gallery had put on a multi-sensory exhibition (sight, touch, sound and smell) and my paintings were very well received.

Then in February I had a joint exhibition (Pixels and Eco Paint) at Lauderdale House, Highgate. London. It is a lovely gallery, with high ceilings and lots of windows, and my paintings seem to radiate with natural colour. I shared the space with a very good photographer, whose pictures of wildlife and plants, complimented my tactile paintings beautifully. Because of its location, lots of school children got to visit and I had some wonderful comments written in my book. The main being that they think it is wonderful to be able to touch and smell (Eruption) the paintings. I wish the grown ups were not so apprehensive.

My last exhibition, so far this year (Back to Basics), was at Burslem. Stoke. This again is an amazing gallery. The building was actually designed as a school of Art. So was purpose built. This was a solo exhibition that show cased all my new work (Flora and Elements series).

In flora series I have six new paintings (so far). They are Poppy's. Sunflowers. Daisy Chain. Autumn Leaves. Meadow and Chilli. The elements series contains four paintings, Earth 2. Wind (Feathers). Fire (Eruption), and Water (Splash). All are painted on my own recycled paper, with home produce eco friendly paint (see further info on how to make your own), then mounted onto board and reclaimed timber.

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