Diane Johnson is a Fine Ecological Artist whose roots are firmly planted in the soil of Kent

Green Artist

Ecological, Environmental, Organic and Recycled

cliffe series 1 cliffe5 cliffe7
Cliff Series 1 Cliff 5 Cliff 7

These are all words that describe my work. As a “Green Artist”, with a passionate concern about what is happening to this planet, I make work that does not impinge on it. Non bio-degradable rubbish, and mans incessant urge to leave his mark on the world, are the basis of my images. With their inspiration coming from St Margeret’s at Cliffe, Kent and the Ocra Mines in Roussillon, France.

rousillon revisitedThey have been created with many layers, all is not obvious at first glance. It is only on closer examination, that you see things hidden below the surface. This is a metaphor for many environmental issue's (pollution, global warming, food/ water shortages, etc), sometimes you need to look deeper to see what’s really happening.

My paintings/prints are all environmentally friendly, using non- toxic printmaking, and egg tempera as a base for my paint. The pigments that I use are all organic, home made from chalk, earth, flower dyes and painted on paper from recycled junk mail. My work evolves and grows from what others throw away, saving our planets resources and creating a visual thought provoking awareness of our environment.